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MARCONIGOMMA originates from PLASTICGOMMA, the company founded back in 1969 by Guerrino Giordani. Its initial goal was to create compounds, as well as rubber and plastic items mainly intended for the well-established family business, i.e. GIORDANI, a brand still famous today in the toys and baby gear industry. Mr Giordani soon saw the immense potential of the rubber industry. A few years later, he was probably the first in Italy to supply rubber compounds on a subcontract basis.

Over the years, the company slowly shifted from the plastics and rubber moulding industry to focus on non-vulcanised rubber compounds.

During the period between 1985 and 1986, following the death of its founder, the company passed under the control of the current company structure. The company name was changed to MARCONIGOMMA to highlight its specialisation in the rubber industry, as well as the strong bond with its territory, home to the famous scientist, Guglielmo Marconi.

In 1994, the company started producing high-quality fluoroelastomer compounds mainly intended for the automotive and petroleum industries. Marconigomma soon became one of the few compound manufacturers to become a licensee of DuPont’s Viton® registered trademark. Today Marconigomma is still a licensee of VitonTM, now  a brand of The Chemours Company.

MARCONIGOMMA’s years of experience make it a reliable, flexible and competent partner that can meet any requirement with products designed and tailor-made according to the processes and equipment of each client.

But there’s more. New production site is almost completed, and by the first few weeks of 2020 it will start working: a super-modern facility with a covered surface of 10000 sq.m and an overall surface of 40000 sq.m, located near the Sasso Marconi motorway toll gate. Once fully operational, the site will have three production lines for organic compounds (of which one dedicated specifically to coloured compounds) and two for fluoro rubber compounds (one for black compounds and the other for coloured compounds). It will also have plenty of space for the equipment for the R&D laboratories and quality assurance.