Marconigomma makes compounds that can meet even the most demanding specifications of the automotive industry (even the latest ones), food and drinking water industry, rolling stock and antiseismic construction. We can develop any tailor-made compound to meet the most demanding specifications whilst adapting to customer requirements and processes. This is possible thanks to the vast array of compounds developed over the years, a prestigious history, and the consolidated experience of our technological department, which supports our young and dynamic team.

The close collaboration with our suppliers plays a primary role. In fact, not only do we use all the main raw materials for making rubber, but we also procure many others, thanks to the excellent relationship with our suppliers, which goes beyond a mere contract. Our company is always up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, whether new polymers or new products. In addition, Marconigomma has started a technical collaboration with major manufacturers for the development of new compounds using alternative raw materials to reduce the use of potentially hazardous materials.

Our relationship with our clients is based on collaboration, exchanges, sharing, and mutual enrichment, thus promoting constant technical growth. Laboratories for the packaging of sample compounds, TGA-IR spectroscopic analyses, analyses on unknown rubber samples to determine their composition, production departments open for visits, a technical department that assesses the compounds’ features and suggests improvements and tips on their applications. All this makes our company fully customer-oriented.

Our technical personnel is always up-to-date with the latest developments thanks to specific courses and seminars.