Marconigomma boasts a production capacity of approximately 6,000 metric tons/year and stands out for its extreme flexibility.

In fact, we can mass-produce batches from a minimum of 40-50 kg, and we can produce laboratory samples of up to 10 kg. We are also able to process urgent orders in just a few days, as we can intervene in the production plan in real time.

Our flexibility results in the variety of polymers and raw materials we process and in the excellent results we achieve. We make compounds with a wide range of viscosity and Shore A hardness ranging from 20-30 to 95 and up in the case of ebonite.

These results are possible thanks to the synergy between efficient and versatile machines and our team of highly qualified and trained specialists and operators.

All this allows all Marconigomma compounds to feature excellent repeatability and colour consistency. All our production batches come with inspection certificates.