Our laboratories

Our laboratories are provided with cutting-edge equipment, including state of the art machinery for the entire development and control chain, from packaging of laboratory compounds to rheology testing; from physical and mechanical tests to analytical tests.

During 2017 Marconigomma purchased new equipments, allowing more detailed analysis about rheological and mechanical properties of cured and uncured compounds, thus gathering interest from both long term and potential customers.

The last version of Göttfert’s RCR II capillary rheometer allows simulating with scientific approach the behaviour of compounds while injecting and/or extruding.

The Perkin-Elmer analytic set has been enriched with DMA (Differential mechanical analizer), in order to analyze compounds exposed to dynamic stress at different frequencies and temperatures. Since many final applications are subjected to such strains, customers have immediatly shown their interest in this new equipment.

At the beginning of 2018 the company also increased its equipment for production control, adding to the existing laboratory the newest rheometers and viscosimeters Premiere by Alpha Technologies. Furthermore, the RPA rheometer has been updated and equipped with LAOS system, allowing Long Chain Branching studies on polymers, as well as analysis of hysteresis cycles in dynamic applications on rubbers.
This equipment allows for the continuous verification of compound development, the progress of ongoing studies, and effective sample analysis.
All tests are carried out in compliance with the reference standards.

1 Banbury mixer with a capacity of 1.5 litres
1 Banbury mixer with a capacity of 3 litres
1 open mixer with a capacity of 40 l and 1 with a capacity of 60 l
1 extrusion die for extrusion testing
3 compression moulding presses

4 MDR rheometers + 2 MDR Premiere
1 ODR rheometer
1 RPA rheometer + LAOS application
2 MV2000 viscometer + 1 viscometer Premiere
1 MV1500S viscometer
1 RCR II capillary rheometer - Göttfert

2 dynamometers for testing tension, compression, elongation, adhesion, and tear
8 ageing test ovens + laboratory autoclave + thermostatic bath for testing ageing in air, oils, and other fluids; hot cset
1 cold room for tests at temperatures down to -40 °C (cold flexing, cold cset)
1 ozonometer
1 rotating drum abrasion tester
1 ohmeter – electrical properties: dielectric strength, conductivity/antistatic resistance/insulation
1 BR-TR (Brittleness-Temperature Retraction) tester – fragility and elastic properties at low temperatures (down to -70 °C)
hardness testers and density metres
1 DMA - dynamic mechanical analysis
1 rebound tester

DSC (Differential Scanning Colorimeter) + refrigeration cycle INTRACOOLER 3 (-130 °C) – CALORIMETRIC ANALYSIS: glass transition (Tg), melting point, vulcanisation tests
TGA – THERMOGRAVIMETRIC ANALYSIS: analysis of compound composition and unknown compounds
IR (infrared) SPECTROPHOTOMETER – SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSES: analysis of raw materials/compounds/unknown materials
ELECTRON MICROSCOPE WITH INTEGRATED MICRO ATR IMAGING AND INFRARED READER: allows for infrared spectroscopic analyses to identify small-sized material (up to 50 micron)

Every year, Marconigomma takes part in the interlaboratory tests organised by Cerisie (Milan). These tests are open to any laboratory that want to participate. Their purpose is to verify the reliability of the results of the analyses carried out on known compounds. 

During these tests, Marconigomma has always proved high reliability.